Snappy Playpen: very incomplete gimp-from-git snap

Andrew Keech w.andrew.keech at
Mon Jun 6 23:05:48 UTC 2016

hey everyone,

I've got a few hours into a snap of development GIMP, which I have used 
builds of for years from ppa:otto-kesselgulash/gimp-edge, and 
successfully built myself in the past with the intention of contributing 
to GEGL. Turns out that I'm likely still years away from having C skills 
that would be up to the task. So, in attempting to contribute in other 
ways I really want to get the momentum going for snappy. Pretty sure the 
question had come up in one of the community Q&A's before, and mhall 
said that it was too weird a project to just start on for the team. 
Which is true, I fully expect this to soak up weeks worth of poking at 
unless Thorsten Stettin/ 
some-other-Debian-or-Ubuntu-user-who-is-a-GIMP-developer steps up.

I've been using Ubuntu since 2014, watching the community Q&A's on 
youtube; really love the community team and all you guys do, I believe 
Ubuntu is entering a new era after years of unacknowledged hard work.
Thank you Mark! Thanks everyone else! Thanks so much for this github repo!


PS: not sure it's really complete enough for a merge request yet, so 
here's a link to the repo

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