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El miércoles, 1 de junio de 2016 07h'24:02 ART, Scarlett Clark 
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> Docs would be great, though I was able to find my way well enough. My
> issues are as stated above where I am in need of creating my own plugin and
> it is very difficult to debug. Logging or a debug mode would be great. Also
> logs to debug odd UI issues I could not seem to locate. Otherwise snapcraft
> is coming along great. My packages are far from simple :)

Hey, this is good to hear. Just a pointer on the custom plugin thing, try 
it with --debug and you will get more information and python tracebacks.

2.10 is in the oven and making it's may through xenial-proposed, should 
reach all users soon and will send a proper announcement, there is much 
more polishing on getting started and user friendly errors in it.


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