Is Ubuntu Core gone?

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Sun Jun 5 22:09:36 UTC 2016

Am Sonntag, den 05.06.2016, 17:37 -0300 schrieb Gustavo Niemeyer:
> At some point I believe we actually had some real Ubuntu Core images
> up there, but these were not supposed to be published as they are
> still very immature.

the images steve refers to were the ubuntu-core tarballs (a tarball to
be used to create a build env or as base for images) that we used to
produce under the ubuntu-core name until recently ... they now got
renamed to ubuntu-base.

the only Snappy Ubuntu Core .img files we ever released on cdimage are
15.04 ones.
(for 16 we only produce the snaps publically atm (which will likely
change soon with direct store uploads from cdimage).


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