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Michael Nelson michael.nelson at canonical.com
Mon Jul 25 01:20:55 UTC 2016

On Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 11:12 AM XiaoGuo Liu <xiaoguo.liu at canonical.com>

> Hi,
> If I use "--devmode" when installing a snap application, do I have to
> define  "confinement"  in snapcraft.yaml to be ""devmode" exactly. What
> happens if I defined "confinement" to be "strict"?
> The combination is as follows:
> - confinement: strict
> - installation: --devmode

Using confinement: strict tells the store that it's OK to return this
package as a result of `snap find` for users to install. Which means, if it
doesn't work unless you use --devmode, you might have unhappy users :/

> - confinement: devmode
> - installation: --devmode

Using confinement: devmode tells the store that this package should *not*
be included in results of `snap find`. You (and any users who know) will
still be able to `snap install --devmode` it, but it's not provided to
general users via snap find/install.

Hope that helps

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