Snapping LDC (LLVM-based D compiler)

Joseph Rushton Wakeling joseph.wakeling at
Mon Aug 29 22:06:24 UTC 2016

On 29.08.2016 03:38, Andrew Wilkins wrote:
> I've been looking into doing this too, for llgo (Go compiler frontend for LLVM).

Nice! :-)

> You need libc6-dev also. After including that, I was then met with another
> issue: is a linker script, and that uses absolute paths to point at the
> real libraries. I haven't solved that yet. If it's possible to override files in
> a staged package, you could just provide a replacement linker script.

Yea, including libc6-dev gets me to the point where attempting to build a 
program fails with:

     cannot find /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpthread_nonshared.a

... which I presume is down to the linker script expecting the absolute paths 
you describe.

I already edit some stuff after the stage -- my current process is to type 
`snapcraft stage`, and after that completes, editing files in the `stage/` 
directory, followed by `snapcraft snap` to finish it up.

So, in principle it should be possible to edit the stuff in 
stage/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu to change the paths.  (I guess it'll need to be 
more than just though; I'd guess and will also 
need to be tweaked.)

It's a bit late at night for me to start work on it now and I probably won't 
have time tomorrow, but I'll give it a go some time this week.  If you get to it 
before me and it works for you, let me know!

Thanks & best wishes,

     -- Joe

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