Snappy on OpenSwitch

MikeB mabnhdev at
Mon Aug 29 12:33:59 UTC 2016


I'm very interested in adding Snappy support to OpenSwitch (

OpenSwitch is a Network Operating System for network switches build upon

I'm using a branch of OpenSwitch in which they've upgraded to Yocto 2.1 -
<> branch

I've added meta-snappy to the bblayers.conf file used to build OpenSwitch
and I was able to successfully 'bitbake snappy-demo-image' so that I at
least know your meta-snappy layer is compatible with the OpenSwitch layers.

My knowledge of OE/bitbake is limited and I'm hoping someone could provide
some pointers or guidance to integrating Snappy onto an existing OE/Yocto
distribution such as OpenSwitch.

Thanks, Mike
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