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Fri Aug 26 06:59:49 UTC 2016

Hi Victor,

I totally agree with your comment, our second step is to 
protect/hide/whatever the key store.


On 25/08/16 18:28, Victor Palau wrote:
> Hi Xavier,
> On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 5:10 PM, Xavier Pegenaute M2M 
> <xavier.pegenaute at <mailto:xavier.pegenaute at>> 
> wrote:
>     Hi Tyler, All,
>     my use case is something like this:
>     we develop some software that can be installed in some hardware
>     provided by the client. One of our clients requires a snappy
>     distribution. To protect our data we need to encrypt all FSs in
>     the snappy. Even if at the moment we have some weak points such as
>     the place were we store the keys. It is not expected to have a
>     human around every time the snappy boots but time to time it may
>     be possible.
>     Our goal is to protect the content in case some one takes the
>     hardware and mount the partitions as an external drive.
> But surely if someone takes the hardware, they just need to boot it 
> and it will decrypt itself. So unless you are storing the decryption 
> key outside the device I am not sure how this will provide you 
> additional security. no?
>     To do so I want to encrypt the FSs with LUKS and provide somehow
>     the key at boot time and decrypt the FSs: system-a/b, writable and
>     swap. During this process I am facing some problems which I need
>     to solve asap:
>     - The configured grub on the FS, apparently does not belong to the
>     real system. When I run update-grub from a fresh installation does
>     not appear the same menu options than when booted before.
>     - The "break=premount" parameter does not work
>     - The kernel and initrd image are located in /boot but the "boot"
>     partition point to /boot/efi which I guess it will be a problem
>     when de rootfs is encrypted.
>         As a solution, I guess it is better to move the kernel +
>     initrd to /boot/efi. I will need to only update grub and
>     update-initramfs. Am I missing something?
>     Best Regards,
>     Xavi
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