Publishing to the snap store from Travis

Evan Dandrea evan.dandrea at
Wed Aug 24 16:35:26 UTC 2016

New versions of snapcraft can push a snap right into a channel. With a
small wrapper, you can teach Travis to build snaps out of your git commits
and release them into edge [1, 2]:

Your users can then drink from the firehose with:
$ snap refresh --channel=edge your-snap-name

And jump back when they can no longer take the heat:
$ snap refresh --channel=stable your-snap-name

Let me know if you find this useful or have any follow up questions.


1: This uses a macaroon you provide (`snapcraft login`), but encrypts the
cached copy such that pull requests cannot steal it.
2: In this example I used an "edge" git branch, but you can easily modify to send commits on master, or any branch, to the edge channel.
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