Does anyone know how to build snap for ARM architecture?

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Wed Aug 24 08:37:09 UTC 2016

Am Mittwoch, den 24.08.2016, 13:34 +0800 schrieb XiaoGuo Liu:
> Hi,
> I just now successfully used to build snaps for ARM
> architecture. However, the precondition is that it works on my
> desktop well. I am thinking whether there is an alternative way to
> compile snaps for armhf in view of the fact that raspberry is now
> supporting the architecture. I used to come with a docker solution to
> it for 15.04. Now docker snap is not there any more. Can anyone tell
> me how to build for armhf snaps?

grab the pi2 image from:

or the pi3 image from:

put it on the SD, boot and log in...

ubuntu at pi3:~$ sudo snap install classic --devmode --beta

classic (beta) 16.04-4 from 'canonical' installed
ubuntu at pi3:~$ sudo classic.create
Creating classic environment
Parallel unsquashfs: Using 4 processors
8313 inodes (8981 blocks) to write
Generating locales (this might take a while)...
Generation complete.
Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.23-0ubuntu3) ...
ubuntu at pi3:~$ sudo
(classic)ubuntu at pi3:~$ sudo apt update
[sudo] password for ubuntu: 
Get:1 xenial InRelease [247 kB]
Get:2 xenial-updates InRelease
[95.7 kB]
All packages are up to date.
(classic)ubuntu at pi3:~$ sudo apt install snapcraft git-core

etc ...

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