[JavaGame] A snap question for audio.

Howy Wang howy.wang at canonical.com
Thu Aug 11 05:37:27 UTC 2016

Hi there,

I made a snap, javagame and it works well.
Now the snap upload for javagame.howy to the Ubuntu Store has been approved.
But I found something wrong with audio, the following is the wrong message
during running the snap.

*[MUSIC][11:39:29] Playing song: Towards The End*
*[ERROR][11:39:29] Problem playing file
sun.net.www.protocol.jar.JarURLConnection$JarURLInputStream at 61ab49d*
*[ERROR][11:39:29]javazoom.jl.decoder.JavaLayerException: Cannot create
*[MUSIC][11:39:29] Playing song: yoshi song*
*[ERROR][11:39:29] Problem playing file
sun.net.www.protocol.jar.JarURLConnection$JarURLInputStream at 35104da8*
*[ERROR][11:39:29]javazoom.jl.decoder.JavaLayerException: Cannot create

I have checked my snapcraft.yaml has "plugs" with pulseaudio and "$ snap
interfaces" has ":pulseaudio javagame:, too.
This is the $ snap interfaces

howy at howy-Vostro-14-5480:~/examples/java$ snap interfaces
Slot                 Plug
:camera              -
:cups-control        -
:firewall-control    -
:gsettings           -
:hardware-observe    -
:locale-control      -
:log-observe         snappy-debug
:modem-manager       -
:mount-observe       -
:network             jtiledownloader,openjdk-demo
:network-bind        javagame,jtiledownloader,wallpaperdownloader
:network-control     -
:network-manager     -
:network-observe     -
:opengl              game-2048
:optical-drive       -
:ppp                 -
:pulseaudio          javagame
:snapd-control       -
:system-observe      -
:timeserver-control  -
:timezone-control    -
:unity7              game-2048,openjdk-demo,qtclocks

Any suggestions or examples can help to solve audio issue?
Thank you.
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