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Tue Aug 9 07:53:27 UTC 2016

Good afternoon.
My name is Alexey
I write for the first time, hoping to get advice from you
Recently I started to try building a programs into Snap package. I need to
build a demon. But unfortunatly there was a many problems due working. I
faced on the lacking of documentation and description of the principle
operation with demons.
I will try to describe the work and attaching a file with yaml file and
binary file (f2d).
The system should work with 2 demons, snmpd and my own sub-agent. snmp
service is working with system. sub-agent is handle our requests, which are
not known for the snmpd.
snmp should be able to "--start" and "--stop".
sub-agent can running with different keys, for example ./f2d -Lo -n

My questions:
1. How to make packaging into snap pack with 2 demons if I want a program
running only by root and with the keys?
2. How to work with file out of $SNAP?
3. I collect snmp, he unpackage /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf and then I want to
replace it by my own snmpd.conf. how to do it?
4. The system have snmp. Could I install and work with other snmp in a
program, if snmp was build in snap package?

The archive contains files *.mib.txt with information for snmp. If main
snmpd doesn't knows *.mib.txt data they have sent sub-agent f2d.
f2d - sub-agent
f2d.dat - a data file which running with sub-agent and verify his changes.
The file can be changed. In that build file must be located in

Thank you for your attention!
I really count upon your help.
I would be deeply grateful for all your advice.
Sincerely, Alexey


name: f2d
version: 0.1
summary: This is my-snap's summary
description: test snmp demon
confinement: strict

        plugin: copy
            bin/f2d : usr/bin/f2d
            bin/Alexey.MIB.txt : usr/share/snmp/mibs/alexey1.mib.txt
            bin/f2d.mib.txt : usr/share/snmp/mibs/f2d.mib.txt
            bin/f2d.dat : /etc/
            bin/snmpd.conf : etc/snmp/snmpd.conf

        plugin: nil
            - snmp
            - snmpd
            - smitools

        command: usr/bin/f2d
        daemon: simple

        command: etc/init.d/snmpd --start
        stop-command: etc/init.d/snmpd --stop
        daemon: forking
        plugs: ['network']
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