How to handle conffiles in snaps?

Nick Moffitt nick.moffitt at
Tue Aug 9 07:01:30 UTC 2016

Simon Fels:
> On 08.08.2016 22:06, Christian Ehrhardt wrote:
> > I was wondering how conffiles should be handled with snapcraft /
> > snaps in general.
> You could still store conf files in SNAP_USER_DATA to get them writable
> by the users of the system.

Is there a good facility for install-time copying of template configs or
other writeable-from-initial-state data into $SNAP_USER_DATA?

The way snaps are invoked do a great job of hijacking the $*PATH
variables used to find executables and shared objects, but often we need
to hack in a lot of shuffling around for /usr/share and /etc and /var/
to aim them at snappy's special directories.

Nick Moffitt

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