First snaps

Didier Roche didrocks at
Mon Aug 8 06:05:12 UTC 2016

Le 08/08/2016 à 03:34, Jacob Zimmermann a écrit :
> Hi,
> I finally uploaded some small contributions:
> - hatari-emulator
> - fsuae
> - matroska-tools
> All in the Candidate channel.

Hey Jacob!
Excellent work. I see you are looking for piece by publishing an atari
and amiga emulator at the same time :)

I couldn't get fsuae to work, does it require devmode? (I don't know if
snapd already has the feature to warn/force people to use --devmode when
confinment: devmode is set, Michael?).

Did you get any issue/missing interfaces that we could report to
upstream (not logged as an bug with snappy-interfaces against the snappy
launchpad project)?

Great work again,

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