Snapcraft 2.23 has been released

Sergio Schvezov sergiusens at
Tue Dec 13 01:22:46 UTC 2016

Hello snapcrafters!

We are pleased to announce the release of version `2.23` of snapcraft 
has been released:

Here's the list of features that you can find in this new release:

- General cache mechanism for future features that require it.
- Plumbing layer in place for pushing deltas instead of full sized snaps.
- Source management for parts is now in the core making it much more 
robust (and core).
- FTP is now a valid source.
- New command `snapcraft enable-ci` to make it easy for developers to 
enable continuous delivery when using travis for continuous integration 
to push to a store development channel.

Many minor fixes are available as well:

- The `nodejs` plugin now correctly manages `run` statements.
- The `cmake` plugin now includes the capabilities of the `make` plugin.
- The parts parser now supports remote dependencies correctly.
- `build-packages` are now `apt` marked as automatically installed.
- bash completion improvements when auto-completing commands that take 
snap files.
- Proper change tracking for all core properties of a part.
- Improved terminal support when `TERM=dumb` is set or not on a tty.
- Store error improvements for registering and login.

Some testing improvements have been made too:

- Migrated to `testtools` for more comprehensive test suites.
- Replaced `subTests` with `testscenarios`.
- Added tooling to build external snaps as part of our release process

This release has seen some contributions from outside of the snapcraft 
core team, so we want to give a shout out to these folks, here's a team 
thank you for:

- Celso Providelo
- Kelvin Li
- Kit Randel
- Marco Trevisan
- Parameswaran Sivatharman

To get the source for this release check it out at

A great place to collaborate and discuss features, bugs and ideas on
snapcraft is snapcraft at mailing list or on the snapcraft
channel on Rocket Chat

To file bugs, please go to

Happy snapcrafting!
-- Sergio and the team

PS: The online copy of the release notes can be found on

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