[ubuntu/saucy-proposed] friends-app 0.91.3+13.10.20130717-0ubuntu1 (Accepted)

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Wed Jul 17 17:00:38 UTC 2013

friends-app (0.91.3+13.10.20130717-0ubuntu1) saucy; urgency=low

  [ Ken VanDine ]
  * new source for friends-app
  * renamed project file with -app
  * fixed qml path
  * Fixed path
  * added gettext build stuff for localization
  * added a few translations
  * removed unused files
  * Don't use a ListItem.Empty for the favorite line, it was eating the
    mouse clicks
  * margin fixes from robru
  * replace gwibber
  * removed unused import
  * add keyboard navigation (wip)
  * significant scrolling fixes and support for most keyboard navigation
  * polishing up scrolling
  * Don't reorder the view, StreamModel is descending now.
  * Added refresh
  * added pull to refresh bar
  * updated retweet icon
  * Layout improvements for tiles
  * Fixed resize issue after collapsing details
  * set link color to gray
  * Updated favorite icon
  * No orange buttons
  * moved the retweet action to the tile instead of details and hook up
    activity spinners for favorite and retweet.
  * Added character count and clear icon for Post. Added stub code for
    url shortening, commented out until qml-friends exposes it.
  * Use urlShorten
  * Don't change liked and likes locally, rely on the model to handle
    those changes
  * Add counter and urlShorten to reply entry and insert @sender
    automatically for twitter and identica
  * Added Keywords to the .desktop file
  * Use a Checkbox for account selection per design guidelines
  * Use a transparent-button instead of an image and MouseArea for the
    clear button
  * Attempt to load the 100px avatar, if it fails load the full sized
  * Don't pop more than one page off the PageStack when posting to
    multiple accounts. Adds an error popover when there is a failure,
    however we can't display which account had the failure. That will
    require an API change in qml-friends
  * Don't hide the reply entry on posts from_me, we might want to
  * ensure content can be markup
  * set textFormat for link_desc
  * merged from trunk
  * revert patch that captured the spacebar for moving the ListView, it
    broke using space in replies.
  * use the width of our listView for the delegate instead of
  * For resolution independence, use units.gu to determine icon sizes
  * reset the string of the unpulled state after refreshing
  * merged from trunk
  * Fix aspect of avatars with Image.PreserveAspectCrop
  * don't use file naming for the images that assume they were designed
    for specific resolutions.
  * Coding style cleanup
  * Use NoSnap for even smoother scrolling
  * use a Row for favorite adding spacing between the icon and the label
  * removed some unneeded code, font properties come from the theme.
  * ported from API deprecations in ubuntu-ui-toolkit .
  * More phablet friendly, don't lock the toolbar and enable
    orientation. .
  * Make TimeLine a Page and set flickable to the listview to fix issues
    with the header . (LP: #1201094)
  * Removed a couple un-needed anchors.

  [ Sam Hewitt ]
  * Redesign of main icon.

  [ Stuart Langridge ]
  * Update the displayed timestamp on each tile infrequently. The update
    happens every 30s if we have the focus, and every 2m if we don't.

  [ Robert Bruce Park ]
  * Forward port of lp:~dpm/gwibber/bug-1068126 (also, whitespace
  * Minor cosmetic fixup with link_url and link_desc display.
  * Stop heinously-long messages from taking up more than a screenful of
  * Fix off-by-one error when calculating tweet lengths. (LP: #1168899).
    (LP: #1168899)
  * Test that the toolbar can be revealed.

  [ Kaleo ]
  * Remove non-useful use of ItemStyle. ItemStyle is about to be

  [ Ubuntu daily release ]
  * Automatic snapshot from revision 85

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