Same strings marked "not reviewed" again and again?

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Sun Mar 25 07:22:24 BST 2007


Is anyone else noticing that some strings, even if unchanged, need to be
translated multiple times, basically each time an upload is done? With
the latest update-notifier upload in edgy's updates, I again have
update-notifier's string number 22 "needing review" ("There is %i
update/updates available").

It does not happen for every language, but it would seem probable it has
affected at least Bulgarian, Finnish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish

It's been some time since I've noticed it, but I've _mainly_ noticed it
in this specific string of update-notifier. I've been translating it
again and again since Ubuntu 5.10, every single time there is an upload
of update-notifier in either a stable release of a development release.
Earlier there were similar problems with some of the update-manager
strings, but I'm not sure if those are still happening or not... perhaps
not. But maybe there are other similar cases experienced by others?

I'm leaving it untranslated for a short while now, in case you want to
study it that way.


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