Missing / failed upstream translation imports for Feisty

Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at canonical.com
Fri Mar 16 09:30:39 GMT 2007

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Jannick Kuhr escribió:
> Hello,


> I just would like to collect here failed or missing imports of upstream 
> translations for Feisty.

Thanks for preparing this list.

> 1. The following desktop-* files have not been imported or have been imported 
> in an old version from Edgy:
> desktop-kaffeine
> desktop-kde-guidance
> desktop-kde-systemsettings
> desktop-kdebase
> desktop-kdenetwork
> desktop-kdenetworkmanager
> desktop-kdeutils
> desktop-kmplayer (also kmplayer itself is missing)
> desktop-kopete
> desktop-digikam (also digikam itself is missing)
> desktop-kdeaddons
> desktop-kdeedu
> desktop-kipi-plugins
> https://launchpad.net/bugs/60049

I already approved some of them, but will close the bug once everything
is done.

> 2. The upstream translation of kmplayer is missing or perhaps stuck in the 
> import queue:
> https://launchpad.net/bugs/92013

Yeah, due a limitation in our automatic approval code (there are two
.pot files in the same directory so we don't know where should the .po
files be imported) it needs manual review. I will do it today.

> 3. The existing translation of kio-apt has not been imported from Edgy.

For some reason, kio-apt was not well setup in Edgy so we were not
deploying its .po files in language packs and that means it's not
inherited when a new distro release is done. I fixed that situation but
the translations copy is not as easy to do. I will do it manually.

Anyway, How's that there are no translations for it coming from KDE?

> I only checked apps / files belonging to KDE or Kubuntu. Feel free to add some 
> issues or confirm the existng ones.

Thanks for this work. I was already aware of most of those issues and
I'm fixing them as time permits me to do it, but having someone else to
double check this is quite helpful.


> Kind regards,
> Jannick Kuhr

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