[Ubuntu] Re: new language team

bardaqani bardaqani bardaqani at kurditgroup.org
Thu Jan 25 15:25:49 GMT 2007

Dear michal,

in case of English

English (Australia) en_au
English (Canada)  en_ca
English (United Kingdom) en_uk

en chinese
Chinese (China)
Chinese (Hong Kong)
Chinese (Taiwan)

Language (Geographical Location/country)
In case of Kurdish; Kurdish(Turkey/Iran/Iraq/Syria). However such a
geographical indication is emotionally and politically loaded so we can
avoid it by using the locally used terms:
Kurdish (North) ku_no
Kurdish (West) ku_we
Kurdish (South) ku_so
Kurdish (East) ku_ea

ku at no
ku at we
ku at so
ku at ea

I think the solution is found somewhere in the above mentioned urgument.

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