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Aras Noori escribió:
> Hi,


>> ku_sorani is not a valid language code, that kind of language codes are
>> > otherwise ckb is the alternate.
>> >Well, the Kurdish/Sorani team is free to choose, but I really suggest
>> >ku_IQ. It is Kurdish after all, even if the subcode according to ISO
>> >639-3 is ckb.
> Kurdish language has many dialects, one of them is "Sorani".
> Sorani used in kurdish regoin in each of Iran, Iraq, and small part of
> Syria. so we sugguest to have both of ku_iq, ku_ir at present if its
> possible.
> see also:

IMHO, ckb is the best solution here.

>> Btw, you will need to write the locale information for 'ckb' or the
>> translations will not work at all (and get it deployed in Feisty before
>> the final freeze).
> i will do that as soon as possible.

Cool, thanks.

>> For 'ckb' I guess the plural form information is the same as 'ku',
>> isn't it?
>> I'll double-check that, for there are grammar differences. But I think
>> yes, it's the same.
> yes it's the same.

Ok. Give me the final language code you will use and I will add it to

>> Once you confirm that I will request the addition of that language into
>> launchpad so you can start translating Ubuntu.
>> Btw, how should that language be called? 'Sorani'?
>> Is it possible to choose here something like "Kurdish (Sorani)" or
>> even "Kurdish (Sorani, Arabic)"? Because this appears at installations
>> and so on it is important that it will be found (therefore "Kurdish")
>> and that is differentiated well from Kurmanci and Sorani/Latin.
> as Erdal said if its possible "Kurdish (Sorani)". to distenguish
> between Sorani/Latin we sugguest "Kurdish (Sorani/Latin)".
> I think we near us to our aim, thanks to your support.

Ok, I will name it "Kurdish (Sorani/Latin)"


> Best regards
> Aras Noori

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