Again Rosetta Timestamp Problems

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Sun Jan 7 20:35:15 GMT 2007

Hi Erdal,

Today at 18:01, Erdal Ronahi wrote:

> There were problems with 39 of these translations.
> 3.  [msg 3]
> "This message was updated by someone else after you got the .po file.
>  This translation is now stored as a suggestion, if you want to set it
>  as the used one, go to
>  and approve it.":
> For each and every correction that I had made, this message appeared.
> It is quite impossible that someone has edited in the meantime. So
> what is the workaround this time?

This message is listed as having gotten a translation today:

Current Kurdish:   	   	
Darikê Amûran ê Cih
Translated by: 		Rêzan Tovjîn on 2007-01-07 15:55:21 CET
Reviewed by: 		Rêzan Tovjîn on 2007-01-07 15:55:21 CET

Is this indeed incorrect?


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