Timing issue

Andrea Vacondio andrea.vacondio at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 10:30:50 GMT 2007

Hi, i've my project on Rosetta to be translated since July and i added a new
serie about 10 days ago.
I uploaded a new tgz containig a POT for this new serie and some PO. How
long should it take to be approved(more or less)?
A second question.. on my previously serie i've some template completely
translated with the flag "Someone should review this translation". Their
state is "Untranslated" because someone should review.. and nothing has
changed since July 2006.. now, is there something i can do to let someone
review these translations? or i just have to wait hoping for months that
someone reviews my translation? perhaps i'm missing something.. some action
i've to do..
Thank you
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