Rules for non-ubuntu translations

Matthew East mdke at
Wed Feb 7 10:40:30 GMT 2007

On Wed, February 7, 2007 11:25 am, Daniel Nylander wrote:
> I have a serious problem with "hit-and-run" translators coming in for a
> few minutes and translates stuff they have absolutely no clue about
> I'm talking about non-ubuntu stuff here (i.e Democracy Player).

This is up to the individual project. If the drivers of Democracy Player
have decided to leave translation permissions open, you need to contact
them to suggest that they implement a different QA procedure. Many
projects deliberately leave translation permissions open in order to
encourage more contribution, whereas others have more established
translation groups and use more restricted permissions. Rosetta permits
both situations, as it must in order to preserve the freedom to make such
a choice by the leaders of individual products.

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