Recent upload of translations

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Tue Apr 24 16:29:15 BST 2007

Hi Daniel,

We are preparing an announcement which will explain what's going on
with translations, and the changes we are doing.  The
import of files is not done yet, and we'll send it soon after it's
done (we still advise against translating OOo until the import is

In short, the idea is to allow better translation of

Today at 11:43, Daniel Nylander wrote:

> I see that you have uploaded translations for
> What I also see is that you have somewhat uploaded English translations
> into the Swedish translation (and maybe others).

That's the problem with upstream translations.  They are including
English messages where there should be Swedish, and they are including
it in the source code directly (since Swedish is one of languages).

Now, some of this was *hidden* from Ubuntu translators so far because
we joined many messages into bigger PO templates, and the messages you
see as "bad" are likely repeated elsewhere.

So, those messages were there (and most of them badly [un]translated)
before, it's just that you probably didn't notice them.  But now you
can actually fix them using Launchpad, which should be nothing but
advantage (IMO).

The best thing you can do is actually review them and fix them.

> Examples from
> English: VCLTestTool
> Current Swedish: StartTestTool 

Look at eg.

and you'll notice those messages are indeed there with bad


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