rosetta import bug or ...?

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Wed Sep 20 11:15:12 BST 2006

El mié, 20-09-2006 a las 12:00 +0200, Jan Claeys escribió:
> Op wo, 20-09-2006 te 01:14 +0200, schreef Jordi Mallach:
> > As for Lokaties, if you change it back to Locaties, Rosetta *should*
> > reset the modified bit, and hopefully it shouldn't appear again in
> > edgy+1. 
> I changed it to "Locaties" and now it says "Translated by:  Reinout van
> Schouwen on 2005-11-08 17:49:47 CET" (that could mean it has been reset,
> as Reinout is an upstream GNOME translator).

That means that we already had that translation for Edgy and we are
giving credit to the one that gave it the first time.

As you already said, we lack some useful metadata that would help us to
know whether it was a bug in our side or a problem with a translator
doing bad his job.

I'm thinking on adding (but not showing that directly or at least not in
current translation form, just to help us to debug this kind of
situations) a couple of fields, like who did last change/review and when
was it done.

That would tell us whether the change was done by the system or a
concrete person.

What do you think about this? Do you think it would be enough from your
point of view?


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> Jan Claeys

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