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Tue Sep 12 08:16:45 BST 2006

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On Sep 10, 2006, at 7:51 AM, Erdal Ronahi wrote:
>>> At one time, the background for some translations appeared yellow, 
>>> like the location bar in a https:// connection in Firefox. Was that 
>>> a bug? Or did it mean something?
>> I think it means the URL is unusual, containing a + for instance. 
>> This is a means to prevent misleading URLs like a Cyrrilic c posing 
>> in
>> "http://centralbank...".

No browser changes the address field's color based on special 
characters, as far as I know. (You may be thinking of Firefox using 
punycode encoding, not colors, to show possibly-misleading Unicode 
URLs.) But Firefox, Epiphany, and Konqueror all make the address field 
yellow when visiting an https: URL.

> Yes, I meant the form fields for the translations in Rosetta were 
> yellow like that, not the URL field. :)
> ...

Some browsers make a form field yellow if it was filled in 
automatically from the browser's autofill function. We avoid adding 
other background colors to text fields in Launchpad, because it would 
often make the fields look disabled.

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