What is an Upstream?

amachu.techie amachu.techie at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 18:59:16 GMT 2006

Rosetta is primarily for Ubuntu right?

Now when Translators are doing Translations both at Upstream and 
Downstream. Which one gets preference.

Danilo Šegan wrote:
> Today at 12:59, Igor Zubarev wrote:
>> What tools do we have to communicate with upstream in Rosetta?
>> How translators can send request to update translation of package to
>> upstream?
> At the moment, almost none.  Upstream projects are using many
> different mechanisms of translator work, and at this time, Rosetta
> can't cope with them all.
> The best tool we've got is PO file export (including export of all the
> PO files for a certain product/release) and import.  In other words,
> it requires manual coordination between translators working through
> Rosetta and upstream translators.
> Cheers,
> Danilo

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