.pot files not uploading

fred/eric thisfred at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 10:56:13 BST 2006

> > Just to rule things out, have you checked the files for syntax errors or
> > other kind of corruption?
> Oops, yes, sorry, there are errors in thos .pot's. Strange though,
> since one of them is coming from rosetta, but maybe (our version of)
> the zope3 i18nmerge tool does something strange with it...

Umm, okay, I'm reconfuddled: I did a msgfmt -c on the .pot file, and
that gave errors but it does so too on a fresh .pot I download from
rosetta, and I can't see much difference in the headers, except that
the file starts with

#, fuzzy

before the headers. Should I add that? I'm thinking this may not be
the right way to check a .pot file.

Is there any documentation of what .po(t) headers rosetta requires?
(or can you point me at the tool/command that is used to check the
synatx of the .pot's)



- eric casteleijn

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