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Mon Oct 16 22:29:16 BST 2006

Il giorno lun, 16/10/2006 alle 22.35 +0200, Jordi Mallach ha scritto:
> Rosetta would only revert the translation if it thinks it was an
> "upstream" translation, not if it was modified in Rosetta.
> An explanation could be that you uploaded the changed translations via
> the import/export interface, but told rosetta it was a "published
> upload"? If so, Rosetta will think that translation comes from upstream,
> not from a Rosetta translator.

I did so... but the problem is that the translation on the po file I
used is correct (comes from upstream), while Rosetta kept a wrong and
old version. (the Dapper I'm using has the right translation, but in
Rosetta there's also the wrong one there...).

If it is of help:
- I've uploaded the po on the 28th september (exact time: 2006-09-28
- here [1] (for the italian) it says the last edit was on 27th
september, does it take the PO-Revision-Date date of the po?
- I'm linking also the wrong string here [2], it's number 494 (493 for
the DB I think), you can see the timestamp for the actual (wrong)
translation that says 2005-11-09 04:52:09 CET, while the correct one is
on the Suggestions (2006-03-13 14:12:41 CET).
- the Dapper I'm using has the right translation, though on Rosetta
there's the wrong one [3]... with the same timestamps above... and I
think nobody has done an upload for Dapper...

Hope this can help...
Thanks for your time!


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