Rosetta/bzr (was: What is an Upstream?)

Milo Casagrande milo_casagrande at
Wed Nov 8 21:58:02 GMT 2006

Il giorno mer, 08/11/2006 alle 15.17 -0600, kiko at ha
> > 6) To do correct translation, it is often needed to run application with
> > new file, which can be somewhat automated. Would new translators bother
> > to import .po files, if they are not used to them?
> That's a really good point. To test translations you just did is a bit
> of work -- download, compile, install. There's no easy way around this
> unless you consider daily language packs or something even more
> advanced.

Well, actually one only needs the mo file and copy it in


and then re-run the application.
I've never downloaded the mo though; I usaully download the po and do a 

	msgfmt --use-fuzzy file.po

to include the need-review strings. Is the mo from Rosetta created like
that, with --use-fuzzy flag?

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