Rosetta/bzr (was: What is an Upstream?)

Tim Morley t_morley at
Tue Nov 7 12:31:12 GMT 2006

On 7 Nov 2006, at 09:01, Dominik Zablotny wrote:

> <IMHO>
> "Best practice" would be shutting down Rosetta and putting .po  
> files in
> version control system like bzr, then creating some cute extension for
> kbabel or potool to make beginners feel more comfortable.
> Until it takes over all the world, Rosetta is a barier in  
> collaboration.
> </IMHO>

Hear hear! Until we can trace who translated what, with the option of  
reverting it; until we have (at least the option of) comments  
accompanying changes; until we can trace the evolution of a  
translation, noting whose contribution gave us what: I don't see how  
Rosetta can hope to produce good quality translations.

Sorry to sound negative, but I believe all of that to be true. The  
only service that Rosetta has provided us* has been a lowering of  
entry barriers, which encouraged/enabled the participation of maybe a  
dozen people who wouldn't otherwise have been able or been bothered;  
but this came at the price of now having no idea who translated what,  
having no accompanying notes saying e.g. "This translation is just a  
best guess; feel free to suggest something different", or  
alternatively, "Here is a list of quality references backing up this  
translation", so we now have to go through and double-check  
everything, even things that the original translator has already  
researched and checked in detail, because we've no way of *knowing*  
that any given entry has already been researched and checked.

We have extracted the .po files from Rosetta, and will be working  
with them, probably using CVS and TortoiseCVS for our non-techie  
translators, until such time as Rosetta has something in place to  
allow us to QA our work properly.

And, <IMHO>the suggestion above sounds like it'd do the job  


*"us" being the Esperanto translation team.

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