Any chance of releasing a language-pack update for pt_BR soon?

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Sat Nov 4 16:01:51 GMT 2006

Hi Og, hi Carlos,

Carlos Perelló Marín [2006-11-03 17:22 +0100]:
> As far as I know, the original plan is still valid, release a language
> pack update first Monday of every month. I'm not completely sure whether
> next update will be delayed due UDS, but yes, a new update should happen
> quite soon.

Carlos is right, actually new Dapper langpacks would be due now. I'll
try and look into that next week at UDS.

However, since we just released Edgy, I didn't plan to update the edgy
packs alreagy. The first update will be on the start of December.



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