Request to create Esperanto team

Tim Morley t_morley at
Fri Mar 31 18:45:55 BST 2006

Hi Jordi.

> I'm very, very sorry for the delay.

That's fine, don't worry about it.  :o)  As I said in my last email,  
I'm not going to stamp my foot and loudly complain about a good  
service that's being provided to us for free.  :o)

> On Sat, Mar 18, 2006 at 01:54:42PM +0000, Tim Morley wrote:
>> I'm writing to request that you create an Esperanto translation team
>> in Rosetta.
> We'll happily do this. We need that you create a "Ubuntu Esperanto
> Translators" team (named ubuntu-l10n-eo) and that you add all your
> fellow eo translators to it.

OK, I've created the team with the name you suggested, and added all  
our active members to it.

> As soon as this is created, we will add the team to the UBuntu
> Translators group.

I look forward to it!

One other request -- it'll apparently be possible, once this team  
structure is in place, to restrict who has the right to edit  
translations directly, who can suggest changes to be confirmed, etc.  
I haven't found the right link in the UI yet to set all this up, so  
if it doesn't become immediately obvious once we're "full" members,  
could you give me a brief run through it, please?

Thanks in advance.


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