Availability of Debian-Installer templates for Dapper

Jordi Mallach jordi at canonical.com
Tue Mar 28 16:56:38 BST 2006


We're glad to announce that Dapper's version of debian-installer is now
available for translation through Rosetta, thanks to the efforts of
Colin and Carlos.

Unlike past releases, we have tried to avoid having a plethora of
different templates for each of d-i's modules to translate, and have
unified everything in one big .pot (1200 strings) that hold all the
needed strings. The old pkgconf-* templates in Rosetta should have been
removed, but if you come across one and you think it belongs to
debian-installer, please inform us at rosetta at launchpad.net.

You'll see there's an additional template, "help", which is not so well
localised at the moment. Both need to be completed, but
"debian-installer" is a lot more important, of course, as it is what
most people see.

As debian-installer translations for Debian and Ubuntu are very, very
similar, I strongly suggest that you look at updated translation stats
for your language in
to find out if the Debian translation teams have improved your language
since Dapper's installer stabilised. Updated Debian files can be found
here: http://people.debian.org/~seppy/d-i/level1/files/

Remember your deadline for Dapper translation updates is the 18th of
May. Any other updates will have to go in languagepacks, and the first
language pack will close on the 25th.

We're working hard on finalising the huge dapper translations imports,
but we're just not there yet. We will announce this as soon as it is
100% ready, and when breezy translations have been copied to dapper
(which will save many of you a great deal of extra translating).

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