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On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 19:09 -1000, Tom M wrote:
> Hi,


> for Blender we are planning to have a 'Blender Translation Day' to
> help potential translators get started translating the .po files and
> the Blender manual.
> If possible it would be good to have Rosetta updated to include the
> latest .po files from Blender cvs (a number of the translated files in
> CVS don't appear to be in Rosetta).

Are you going to do this as an Ubuntu event or something coordinated
with Blender's developers?

We cannot import anything on Ubuntu's Rosetta space that is not the same
version we have on Ubuntu so if you need anything newer than what we
have on dapper, you will need to follow the procedure to import blender
directly as an upstream request, you can find instructions at:

Rosetta has Breezy's blender imported. Dapper's one is not yet imported
due some problems generating the .pot file. We are working on fixing
that and should appear soon on Rosetta.

> For those interested in helping it is planned for Sunday April 2nd,
> the times aren't set but we will probably have three times so that
> people don't need to wake at ridiculous times in the morning/or stay
> up till late in the evening to participate.
> The plan is to have people meet in #blenderwiki or #blendercoders on
> and we will have people available to help explain the
> meanings of words if they aren't clear, to give edit permissions for
> the wiki, to help create po files as needed etc

Please, count with us to get all things in place on time for this event.


> Tom Musgrove

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