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On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 11:33 +0000, Tim Morley wrote:
> Mark,
> Thanks very much for the quick and detailed response. One bit appeals
> particularly:


> > Your permissions can be (from memory):
> > 
> >  - Structured/Reviewed. 
> >    For languages where there is a translation team in the relevant
> > translation group, ONLY the members of that team can change a
> > translation. Other people can make suggestions which the official
> > translators will see. For other languages, where there is no
> > official translation team, anybody can edit the translation.
> This would be very reassuring to have. The main worry highlighted
> within the existing Esperanto translation team is that the quality of
> the work might take a hit if anybody and everybody can edit anything,
> wiki-style. In fact, it's an even bigger risk than with a wiki,
> because (AFAIK) there's no (visible) record of who changed what and
> when.
> Could you explain how we'd go about setting this up? If the answer
> already exists on the web, just point me there with a URL, but I
> suspect from your last message that it doesn't yet. I'd be happy to
> have my name as the team leader for Esperanto translations, as I
> already do at, be it just for
> OOo within Rosetta/Launchpad, or for all of Ubuntu (although the
> former would reflect my intentions more realistically than the
> latter).

There is already such documentation, take a look at there you will have the procedure to
request such team.

Jordi, could you add Mark's answer to the FAQs?

Thank you.

> It would certainly be a big help to be able to configure the system to
> "accept contributions from X, Y and Z automatically, but put anything
> else in a 'Thanks, we'll review it' box, for one of X, Y, Z or myself
> to review".
> I look forward to your reply, and thanks very much for your time.
> Cheers.
> Tim
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