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Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at
Sun Mar 5 10:19:17 GMT 2006

On Mon, 2006-02-27 at 18:48 +0100, Le Floc'h Jérémy wrote:
> Hello i want to translate Gnome but i don't see my language in the gnome
> translation project :


> Can someone add the "Breton" and so create a new team in this project.
> Thanks.

We are still preparing direct GNOME translations using Rosetta. The
automatic system that will import translations from GNOME's CVS is not
yet ready so that team is not completely ready.

When we have it ready, you will need to be an official member of the
GNOME translation team to be able to translate as it's a way to stop the
work duplication.

We will announce the availability to translate Official GNOME using
Rosetta as soon as we have it ready.

Cheers and thanks for the interest.


Carlos Perelló Marín
Ubuntu =>
mailto:carlos.perello at
Valencia - Spain
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