Problem with Qt Translation services on Rosetta

Joop Eggen joop_eggen at
Thu Jun 29 08:04:42 BST 2006

If Rosetta takes a string with % as formating, you could download the .po file and check whether you can remove a preceding line:
Then do an upload and be patient for a day or three.
What you download is not to be trusted for 100 "%", so use integrity checks.

Joop Eggen

Alexandre Rocha Lima e Marcondes <alexandre at> skribis:  Hello all,

  I'm facing a problem on Rosetta ao that some strings are using '%' character but it is not meant to me a C / C++ formating string (like %s, %d, %f) but just part of a bigger meaning (like: "% of Zoom") and it is being identified by Rosetta as a formating string. 

What should be done ?

P.S.: My guess is that the character '%' followed by space or tab character should be ignored and thus not dentified as C/C++ formatting string.

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