changes to Rosetta and first complaints

Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at
Wed Jun 21 15:11:36 BST 2006

El mié, 21-06-2006 a las 16:50 +0300, yaniv abir escribió:
> Og Maciel wrote:
> > Whenever I click the save
> > button, I'm redirected to an error page.  I've "worked around" it by
> > clicking on the detailed view for any given string (the magnifying
> > glass icon) and that seems to save it.  It does however add several
> > precious seconds to my job.  Can someone look into it?
> I've been getting the same error too, but it seems to save the strings
> in spite of the error page.
> However, Rosetta seems reluctant today to show only untranslated
> strings - after I work my way through a couple of pages it suddenly
> goes back to a translated page, although the selection box still says
> "untranslated".

Hmm, could you confirm if your problem is the one reported at ?

I did a big change in our navigation system to share code with other
parts of launchpad and I guess I broke something...

I'm out at UDS conference so I'm a bit busy with non coding tasks but I
will try to address those regressions as soon as possible.


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