Possible bug with Rosetta?

Og Maciel og.maciel at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 15:31:18 BST 2006

Hi, it is me again...  ;)

Strings 250 - 252 of package Kcachegrid
 cannot be finalized due to a possible bug?  Here's what the strings are:

50 % of Node
20 % of Node
10 % of Node

Rosetta seems to perceive the "% o" part (of % of) as a substitution
string.  The problem is that the brazilian translation would be:

50 % de Nó

and Rosetta complains since we have a "d" in front of the "%" sign.

Error:  "Error in Translation: format specifications in 'msgid' and
'msgstr' for argument 1 are not the same "

Thanks in advance for any feedback/help.
Og B. Maciel

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