Licensing of translation work [Was: Problemas de rosetta]

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Hola Marga, sorry for taking my time to reply,

[ For the list readers, marga mailed me privately to discuss how Rosetta
handles Copyrights for translations created in Rosetta. She discovered
that a translation she had submitted was exporting with a

| # Copyright (c) (c) 2006 Canonical Ltd, and Rosetta Contributors 2006

copyright header, and she thinks this is not right. ]

I've discussed your concerns with some other Launchpad people.

First of all, we don't think the copyright is being "transfered" to
Canonical. At the very least, it would be shared between Canonical and
you, the Rosetta Contributor.

The sole reason Canonical is adding this header is because we want to be
able to share the translator's work across different, freely licenced
products that are available for translation in Rosetta. As not all
projects use the same licence, this is necessary to be able to do it no
matter what.

The discussion is ongoing internally, but we will try to make this very
clear in the Legalese page of Launchpad (

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