Application translation complete; what happens now?

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Mon Jun 5 19:13:11 BST 2006

[Oops, I just found this email half-written in my drafts folder --

Hey Tim,

On Tue, May 16, 2006 at 01:12:43AM +0100, Tim Morley wrote:
> In the space of a couple of months, we've all but completed our  
> translation of in Rosetta, and we're just considering  
> putting the champagne on ice.

This is quite impressive. Congratulations!

> Question: what happens now? It appears that all the work we've done  
> is apparently for Breezy, not Dapper,  but obviously Breezy was  
> released last year and is about to be superseded, so what happens to  
> our work?
> In fact, there are two questions here:
>   (1) What do we need to do ourselves to get our work from Rosetta's  
> database compiled into a functioning, localised copy of OOo? Will  
> this be done by Ubuntu people, or do is there more for us to do?

This will be done by the Ubuntu people.

>   (2) At what point does translation work done for Breezy get  
> carried over to Dapper? I'm assuming this must happen at some point,  
> because it would make no sense not to, but it doesn't seem to have  
> happened yet, at least for our work.

Carlos will do this for breezy -> dapper, and as soon as edgy opens, for
dapper -> edgy as well.

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