rosetta vs. upstream translations [InternationalisationDiscussion]

Simon Michael simon at
Fri Jan 20 21:21:37 GMT 2006

I've successfully uploaded the latest Zwiki 0.49 pot and po files to
rosetta, after re-sending two files to Jordi Mallach. It's a manual process
on their end, and so takes a while. It seems not as smart as I had expected
about merging. For example, the zwiki-fr.po on rosetta had a bunch of
translations changed by Nicolas Velin, indicated by blue in the status bar.
zwiki-fr.po in darcs had a bunch of changes by Encolpe Degoute. By uploading
it we overwrote most of Nicolas' work (I think). The site is so slick that I
assumed it would do something really smart here (remember the alternate
translations or something). There are indeed two different kinds of upload
you can do, but I don't understand them; they might select which version
takes precedence. I did download a copy of the rosetta files yesterday in
case of trouble.

The recommendation at this stage seems to be: if you use rosetta for your
project, all your translations should be added via rosetta. In fact that
might help our process more than it hurts, and I think it's worth

Meanwhile right now I have

1. latest translations from darcs, in darcs

2. latest translations from darcs + some new and changed translations from
rosetta, on rosetta

3. more changed translations from rosetta, perhaps different from those in
2, in a tarball on my disk

and I'm not sure how to proceed, or even how to visualise the overlapping
translations so I can see how much work would be lost if I throw away the
tarball. Unfortunately I can no longer see rosetta's coloured status bars of
yesterday. Obviously I don't want to trash the good work done by our new
rosetta translators. :) Ideas welcome..

I've cc'd the rosetta-users list in case it's useful; best,

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