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Jordi Mallach jordi at canonical.com
Thu Jan 19 08:44:45 GMT 2006

Hey Toni,

On Thu, Jan 19, 2006 at 09:28:51AM +0200, Toni Ruottu wrote:
>   Good morning (again).
> I got an answer.
>   --Toni

Content-Description: Forwarded message - Re: enabling launchpad/rosetta upstream translating
> From: Christian Grothoff <christian at grothoff.org>
> Subject: Re: enabling launchpad/rosetta upstream translating
> To: Toni Ruottu <toni.ruottu at iki.fi>
> Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 17:23:07 -0800
> We certainly don't mind (freely distributable) translations from anyone.  
> However, in order to avoid duplication of effort the rosetta people should be 
> aware of
> http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/translation/registry.cgi?domain=GNUnet
> which is an independent translation effort.  But in general more translations 
> is of course always better.

Ok, this is good news.

Toni, we will make you a Finnish translator for the "Translation
Project" group in Rosetta, and the GNUnet project will be assigned to

Other Rosetta users are encouraged to translate GNUnet via Rosetta as
well, but they will have to ask for inclusion in the Translation Project
group, as only their members will be able to edit the files, others will
just make "suggestions".

Also, you should have a look in the URL above
to check if there's someone working on the translation already. For
example, the TP currently has active translators for German and

If you go ahead and want to translate GNUnet or other packages assigned
to the TP group, it's important that you mail the Translator Project
coordinator (translation at iro.umontreal.ca) and ask them to mark your
language as "external" for the chosen product.


[I'll leave the rest of the message for context]

> On Wednesday 18 January 2006 16:24, you wrote:
> >   Hi
> >
> > Launchpad is the main development and co-operation environment used by
> > Ubuntu. It is used by other projects as well, but Ubuntu is the biggest
> > of them. Rosetta is the translation component of Launchpad.
> >
> > I've been in close (irc) contact with Ubuntu people and it seems that
> > Dapper, the next Ubuntu to be released next April will have GNUnet 0.7
> > ( 0.7.0b currently being the latest Ubuntu package available for the
> > Dapper release )
> >
> > The release versions are automatically made available for translation (,
> > bug reporting, etc.) in Launchpad and the translations are then included
> > in the Ubuntu release. Dapper GNUnet package will be enabled for
> > translation in February.
> >
> > We could maybe make use of these translations, but even more importantly
> > we could enable Launchpad/Rosetta users (which are many) to translate
> > the upstream version. This would require sending new translation
> > templates in and collecting the translations every now and then.
> >
> > Read https://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/RosettaNewImportPolicy for
> > further details.
> >
> > At least they want blessing from the upstream project...
> >
> >   " If they don't agree, we won't import the package into a product,
> >   as we want to avoid upsetting upstream authors, and inviting people
> >   to create some translations that may never get integrated in the
> >   official tarballs. "
> >
> > So even a plain "ok" would probably do. In such case I could forward the
> > news to them.
> >
> >     --Toni

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