What is an Upstream?

Sebastian Heinlein glatzor at ubuntu.com
Mon Dec 11 16:58:20 GMT 2006

Am Montag, den 11.12.2006, 12:25 +0100 schrieb Carlos Perelló Marín:
> > Perhaps it would be nice to have an option to not only export the
> whole
> > po file, but only messages that changed in Rosetta. Since Rosetta
> > reorders the messages it is quite hard to produce a good diff file.
> There is a feature planned that will give you a diff output between
> what
> Rosetta has and what we got from upstream. I guess that's what you ask
> for here.

Can you provide a "rough" time schedule? I don't know if the closed
nature of Rosetta is the problem, but I have got the feeling that the
development happens behind closed doors. It would be very helpful for us
users to have some rough time schedules.

It will be ok to use workarounds if you know that the situation will be
addressed until a specific date. Currently many translators are
discouraged by the fact that Rosetta is a "dead end". As a Canonical
employee it maybe ok to say that Rosetta was (primary) made for
translating Ubuntu, But this attitude doesn't help making Rosetta
attractive to translators who would like to see the maximum benefits of
their donated working hours.

Especially for us German Ubuntu translators the situation is quite bad.
Most projects have got a nearly complete upstream translation. So you
always have to deal with existing upstream translation. And currently
this means pain and a lot of extra work.

> About message reordering, we don't do a 'random' order, we follow what
> the .pot file has, just the same way gettext's msgmerge does. If
> that's
> not true, it's a bug. 

Perhaps it was a bug. I tried to provide some diffs for GNOME upstream
and had to recognize, that the messages had a different order. But it
was some months ago.

By the way, do you know when we will get back po import?

Is there another possibility to use translation from one tree (e.g.
edgy) for another one (e.g. dapper)? We completed the translation of the
Ubuntu desktop guide in edgy and would like to reuse the translation as
far as possible for the dapper book.



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