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Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at canonical.com
Mon Dec 11 12:12:29 GMT 2006

El mié, 22-11-2006 a las 20:07 +0100, Martin Jürgens escribió:
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Could you file a bug report about this feature?

I'm not completely sure whether we should give such priority to
upstream, instead, we should improve the communication with upstream so
the new additions finish in upstream products.

But anyway, it's another way to improve current situation, please, file
the bug so we can evaluate it and get more input from other people.


> Hi,
> I used to translate some programs in Ubuntu and I am subscribed to the
> German Translation Team list. I noted that some upstreams complain about
>  changes of them not being in Ubuntu and / or being changed.
> I think that this has to be changed so I would suggest to lock down
> translations which were imported from upstream. When someone does not
> agree with a translation, he can file an upstream bug report.
> Furthermore, upstream translations should be imported as often as
> possible and should maybe override existing translations. I will provide
> an example why I think that this has to be done:
> A Rosetta translator notes that there is a missing translation and
> translates it himself. Some weeks or months later, upstream also
> translates this string. To keep consistency and since most of the
> upstream translations have a higher quality, a replacement should be
> done. Maybe there should be a checkbox "prevent this from being
> overriden" so that if the user knows that it is important to keep that
> translation and not override it by upstream, it should be kept. But it
> should be really made clear that this usually does not have to be checked.
> Since I didn't use Rosetta for a long time now it can be possible that
> some of the things mentioned here were already fixed.
> One more thing: An upstream translation import status page would also be
> great (Import successful; Time, Next import).
> Cheers,
> Martin
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