What happens to translations through Launchpad? (Arabic Gnome related)

Danilo Šegan danilo at canonical.com
Mon Dec 4 07:41:21 GMT 2006

Hi Tom,

Yesterday at 20:51, Tom M. wrote:

> It would be great if there were say, some way to upload all the po
> files and my pot file from cvs, upload the contributed files that have
> been emailed in, and then have rosetta spit back out all of the merged
> po files and the mo files.  Also perhaps allow me to specify the
> preferences for overrides or choose to manually override conflicts.

Some of this is already possible: you can grab a tarball of all
translations in Rosetta easily.  You can also upload tarballs with a
bunch of PO files, but depending on blender being marked as upstream
using Rosetta, or just a distro package, you might run into privilege
problems (which is expected, imho :).


For translators working on translations, when they upload a single PO
file, they do have option for specifying overrides (but not to
manually resolve them).

> Then the rosetta translators would have the option of using those for
> further translation work.  This would probably be a very useful
> service for most projects.

Agreed, that sounds like a sane option, and it's something along those
lines what we'll implement once we start on better support for
upstream projects.


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