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Wed Aug 23 19:07:45 BST 2006

2006/8/23, Jordi Mallach <jordi at>:
> On Tue, Aug 08, 2006 at 12:50:38PM +0400, Igor Zubarev wrote:
> > Some translators insert "\n" symbols into translations in Rosetta.
> > After that localization breaks and ALL users doesn't have russian
> > interface for translated programs.
> >
> > Rosetta doesn't check for such errors. It causes broken translations.
> > Unfortunately we have no tool to auto check for errors in Rosetta.
> > Please make error handling in Rosetta!
> Can you give us an example of a string which Rosetta will accept but
> makes it generate invalid PO files? Attached example file would be
> useful.

Hi Jordi!
I repeated the error and attached broken PO.

To brake PO file you should:

1. In the end of string press Enter
2. Insert '\n' symbol sequense
3. Press Enter
4. Write some string.
5. Press Save & Continue

That's all. You get broken translation.

See bug

Igor Zubarev,
Russian team, admin
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