Edgy branch now open? What now?

Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at canonical.com
Wed Aug 23 11:03:17 BST 2006

El mar, 22-08-2006 a las 13:56 +0200, Erdal Ronahi escribió:
> Hi,


> I have seen that the migration to Edgy seems to be fairly complete, at
> least for my language. Now I have some questions regarding the
> proceeding.

Well, it's not yet complete. I'm going to send an email today with a
brief status email with more details, but a fast answer is that what we
did yesterday was to copy what we had in Dapper. Edgy modifications
since Dapper release are being imported right now and as soon as that
process finishes.

>  - The prioritization (or how should we call it) has not been made
> yet. Will this be done in Edgy, too?

Hmm, that's a bug in our side... I forgot to copy that value.

Thanks for noting it to us. We will try to address it before the
official launch of Edgy translations.

>  - Will there be yet another synchronization from Dapper to Edgy, or
> will all further translations made in Dapper from now on be lost
> unless they are manually ported?

Well, they aren't lost, they will appear as suggestions.

Anyway, I'm not completely sure whether we are going to do it again or
not... I think we do, but we haven't talk about it yet.

>  - it seems to me that the templates are absolutely identical with
> Dapper at the moment, but I may be wrong with this. When will they be
> synchronized with the actual Edgy packages? I am thinking of
> OpenOffice.org and Gnome stuff in the first place.

It's happening right now

> Thanks for the great work in the migration, which until now has been
> much smoother than ever before!

Yeah, that's why we had again a delay with Edgy, but now, the code is
already in place to do the same with Edgy + 1 once it's open in


> Regards,
> Erdal

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