Rosetta news for 2006-08-16

Christian Robottom Reis kiko at
Thu Aug 17 21:19:20 BST 2006

Hello there,

    I just wanted to forward the Rosetta-related news that was sent out
as part of the Launchpad news announcement. A full version is available

This is rather skinny week in terms of news; I mainly wanted to post this
because it has some information on the opening of Edgy translations.

The Edgy translations opening has surprised us in being a harder task
than we expected: our intention is to ensure that Edgy translations
included all translations done in Dapper, and that requires configuring
translations in the database to also point to Edgy. Unfortunately for us
the data volume made this task run into some practical limits: it takes
a couple of hours to run, and though our test coverage is good, there
have been a few hiccups in the migration. The good news is that the code
is written and deployed, and that we are now pending only running the
database update script, and doing acceptance testing the results. We are
planning on doing the official opening on Monday, barring any problems,
and I'll make sure I post any updates to the rosetta-users mailing list.

The relevant code changes this week:

Rosetta (Translations)
! More progress was made towards opening Edgy translations. This process
  has been a lot more complicated than we expected, but we've managed to
  get the translation migration code to a point where it produces the
  expected results, and allows us to do the process smoothly the next
  time it happens. (carlos, danilo)
- Links in translation template listings are now sane, losing their
  Javascript-crazed behaviour. (bug 39586, mpt)

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