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Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Wed Apr 26 08:42:19 BST 2006

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> >>
> >> Is there a kind of "search word/translated word", or could it be
> developed?
> >> ...
> I think what you're looking for is a glossary feature. Rosetta doesn't
> have this yet; if you want to be notified of progress in implementing
> it, subscribe to the bug report.
> <>

The WordForge guys are working on a proper glossary, and I have a spec
in the system for Rosetta to link to whatever official glossary we can
find for a particular language (I'm offline now but from memory I think
it's at )
so, for example, we could setup quick and dirty glossaries in the wiki
and link to those, and if there is a wordforge glossary out there for a
language we could link to that.

The "search for a word in this template or pofile" feature, however, IS
very interesting, and yes, I think we could do that.

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